• Weed Control - The 5 Star Way!

    The best defense against weeds is a thick, healthy, well-maintained lawn. 

    How does 5 Star help your lawn achieve this defense against weeds?

    For starters, did you know that mowing your lawn too short will actually encourage weed growth? A lot of the less educated "mow and go" lawn services don't take the time to cut each lawn to the proper height, which can affect your lawn's health and lead to weeds. Part of our 5 Star Treatment is knowing how to take care of each lawn. That means not cutting it too short, but rather we properly maintain the right height. Kind of like Goldilocks! By doing so the grass roots and blades themselves are allowed to flourish, and helps to starve out the weeds and diminish any future weed growth.

    We also can refer you to a partner pest control company, for all the right herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and fungicides for your lawn (turf). We can directly take care of your bedding areas, borders, tree rings and hardscape. Another part of our 5 Star value! 

    At 5 Star Lawnscaping we believe incorporating proper bedding/border weed control into our programs helps put the finishing touches on your landscape.


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