• Should my lawn care professional be "Fertilize Smart" certified?


    5 Star Lawnscaping is fully licensed and certified in several lawn and land care specialities!


    • What is the Lee County Landscape Certification and why is it so important?

    Lee County recognizes the importance of water resources to sustaining the economic, environmental and human health of our community. To ensure adequate protection of water resources, the County requires anyone paid to provide lawn or landscape maintenance services working within unincorporated Lee County to have at least one person per business “Best Management Practices” (BMP) certified and registered with the Lee County Tax Collector. In addition, one field operations staff BMP certified must be on site at all times when fertilizer is being applied.

    Lee County has partnered with the University of Florida IFAS Extension Program to provide the necessary BMP training to meet County certification requirements.


    • What is the Lee County Landscape Certification Course all about?

    The certification class entitled Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Resources in Florida was developed by Florida Green Industries. It is a statewide program for landscape professionals, which focuses on Best Management Practices (BMPs) relating to lawn fertilization, proper landscape waste disposal, pesticide use, irrigation practices, and plant selection to reduce non-point source pollution and conserve water.


    • Who needs to be Lee County Landscape Registered and Certified?

    Registration and Certification are the two separate requirements of this ordinance. All Businesses or Institutions performing lawn or landscape services in unincorporated Lee County must register with the Lee County Tax Collector’s office to obtain the necessary truck/trailer decals. Certification in landscape BMPs applies to individuals who are paid to provide lawn or landscape services whether or not that individual is employed by a lawn/landscape company or other organization (e.g. home owners association employees).


    Pursuant to Lee County Ordinance No. 08-08